Capturing the moment…..


Last week I posted pictures of Garrett C. with a few shots of him and his cute little Pomeranian Kuma. Well Kuma is actually his mothers dog and he is about 19 years old. The next series of photos I am about to post I held back as a surprise for Kim (Garrett’s mom.)

Kuma means “Little Bear” in Japanese (I was told this by Kim who is half Japanese) and he embodies that name so well. He is spunky, loud, in your face and yet so cuddly even if he really isn’t into that. I first met Kuma when he was 12 and it was my first hair appointment with Kim. I walk in the door of her shop and I am greeted by two dog Shonie this large Rhodesian Ridgeback and Kuma this 5 pound pom, who is barking his fool head off and acting like I am some invader. I couldn’t help but laugh at him because he is ALL talk. I walked over picked him up, put him in my lap and that is where he stayed for my appointment and any appointment after that. I have never had senior dogs as mine just haven’t reached that age yet, but watching Kuma get old and do it with as much grace as he could muster has been fun. Up until about two years ago he was still running a mile or two with Kim in the summer time, Kuma is not the typical senior dog that sleeps all day. He does do this but he still jumps, barks, steals food from his housemate and thinks he is king.

I hope you enjoy Kuma as much as I have over the last 7 years

and can see how handsome he is even at this frail stage in his life.


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