Capturing the moment…..

First week of April

Everyone keeps telling me spring is here and all this stuff, however I wake up this morning walk out my front door and what do I see? SNOW! All day it snowed, until about 4pm Alaska time did it decide to get sunny and nice out. I am not complaining because I get off work at 5pm and going out to nice weather is much better then snow/rain.

In this first week of April that I felt like it would never end and by week I mean work week. I had plenty of time to think about some goals photography wise that I want to set for myself. I have tried many times and failed at the 365 day and 52 week photography projects so I figured I would come up with some kind of “bucket list” for photography. I actually recently watched the Bucket List, which at minimum gave me the idea for the name of my list lol! Good movie by the by, definitely is good for some laughs and perspective.

The one thing that I like about this “bucket list”  of sorts is that I can’t add to it and take away! First few ideas for the bucket list are :

1. Bear (black or grizzly)

2. Porcupine

3. Linx

4. some sort of water animal (can’t figure out if I want to try for a whale, sea lion or otter)

Luckily for me I live in a state that has all of the above referenced critters. Like I said this is just a few ideas I have. I will create a page this weekend that is dedicated to this bucket list, post and cross things off or add to the list as need arises. As far as photographing bears I know it is dangerous but I have just come to terms with the fact that EVERYTHING in Alaska can kill you…. even the shrimp…

I hope to start crossing things off my bucket list starting in May as that is when the roads will be safer, camping will be better and the animals will be out of hibernation! Well off to go melt me some crayons!! (post to follow the mess :))


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