Capturing the moment…..

Last week Swan hunting

I am so sorry for being remiss in my blog posting. Between my internet usage being maxed and life (funny how it always seems to be in the way) I have been unable to be diligent in my blogging.

Last week I tried to go swan hunting at my local lagoon. Sadly there were no swans to be found, however I was chased by two grumpy geese and ignored by some snooty ducks. Yes, yes go ahead an laugh about the goose chasing, I know I was laughing at myself. I trained dogs for 10 years and I am fearless with them but you give me a goose or a horse and I will just totally cave. No idea what the issue is so I can’t explain lol.  I am not much of a fowl enthusiastic so please forgive me for not knowing the names of the birds below.


This happy couple is actually not in the lagoon, they are in a flooded part of the park that they have turned into their mini lake.


This is the pair of lovely Canadian geese that felt I was far to close to them. In my defense I was a good 50 feet away and not making eye contact, they even attacked a lone goose. I think they were just the grumps of the bunch.


Ok the watermark really kills the photo (sorry) but next to the “P” in photography is a loon and you can see his wake coming from the side I thought it was interesting since it came from one bird.


This goose was heading towards a very smart mom and toddler. The mom really was the smart one, she brought her toddle to come feed the ducks so she could photography them close. I had the thought to feed them, but quickly dismissed the idea because I didn’t want to get yelled at for feeding the ducks as I am an adult and should know better *rolls eyes* Next time I am just going to borrow someone’s child 🙂


Thanks to the mom and toddler we had a very nice gathering of birds including this mutant seagull. This thing is huge, I kid you not it was like a foot and a half tall. Could have replaced the Christmas goose for dinner.


It was a very chill day but yet at the same time still warm and beautiful. I ended my swan hunting adventure swanless but it was still a great day. Enjoy!


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