Capturing the moment…..

May 12, 2012

Well I finally added my About page. I would just like to say that it was extremely difficult to write so be gentle when reading it lol. Nothing much has been happening here. My husband is up north with the Army. By up north I mean Fort Greeley, Alaska in the middle of nowhere. It is 100 or so south of Fairbanks which is 600 miles away from Anchorage where we live. It hasn’t been the best weather here or there. Apparently the winds were so bad that it torn down three tents and broke a humvee door strap.


I did do something productive photography wise. I entered in a photography contest hosted by Outdoor Photographer Magazine and Sony. I entered in the One World in Focus category and Expressive Portraits. I will also be entering their 2012 American Landscape contest.  The first one is a free contest and the second has a $20 entrance fee but both contest’s grand prizes are cameras.


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