Capturing the moment…..

May 20, 2012

What a week it has been. My husband had to go to his annual training with the army so I was left to my own devices for about a week and a half. When he came home he was kind enough to share his ugly cold with me. So I am sitting here feeling like death as I write this. Yesterday my lovely friend Ronalee came over and had some sexy girl time with me, which was great as I wasn’t feeling well and I having her company was truly wonderful.

I have a major amount of respect for Ronalee, she just recently turned 21 and has such amazing goals and self worth, I wish more young adults were like her. She has aspirations to go into the military, which I think it s great idea but I might be a little bias, but I think she would be a killer model! You can’t tell me she isn’t a heart stopper!

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