Capturing the moment…..


I am terrible with this page. I have the hardest time talking much less writing about myself….


Well I am born, raised and living in the state of Alaska. I have lived here so far for 26 years and as beautiful and majestic as it is I really can’t wait to experience something else. I married my junior high sweet heart six days prior to my 19th birthday, best decision  I have ever made. My husband is everything to me, he is what motivates me and keeps me trying to do better in life. I have two beautiful boxers that are 8 and 9.5 years old. They have been featured on the blog a few times 😉 between them and my husband they keep me grounded and remember why life is so precious.  I used to be a professional dog handler, I have had two dogs invited to Westminster Gardens. I have an Associates degree in accounting and I work for the City of Anchorage.

I decided to pick up photography as a hobby in January of 2011 because I decided that staying home and doing nothing was getting annoying. I wanted a hobby that I could be continuously learning and it would get me out of my house. I am not the typical Alaskan where I like to play in the snow… I don’t ski, snowboard or snowshoe. I really dislike being cold and I would rather nerd it up in my house then brave the snow. I like playing WoW, Skyrim and Dragon Age. I actually met my husband at a Dungeons and Dragons game playing first edition rules.


Below is my beautiful family, Atticus, Kolya and then me and my husband.


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