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May 12, 2012

Well I finally added my About page. I would just like to say that it was extremely difficult to write so be gentle when reading it lol. Nothing much has been happening here. My husband is up north with the Army. By up north I mean Fort Greeley, Alaska in the middle of nowhere. It is 100 or so south of Fairbanks which is 600 miles away from Anchorage where we live. It hasn’t been the best weather here or there. Apparently the winds were so bad that it torn down three tents and broke a humvee door strap.


I did do something productive photography wise. I entered in a photography contest hosted by Outdoor Photographer Magazine and Sony. I entered in the One World in Focus category and Expressive Portraits. I will also be entering their 2012 American Landscape contest.  The first one is a free contest and the second has a $20 entrance fee but both contest’s grand prizes are cameras.


Last week Swan hunting

I am so sorry for being remiss in my blog posting. Between my internet usage being maxed and life (funny how it always seems to be in the way) I have been unable to be diligent in my blogging.

Last week I tried to go swan hunting at my local lagoon. Sadly there were no swans to be found, however I was chased by two grumpy geese and ignored by some snooty ducks. Yes, yes go ahead an laugh about the goose chasing, I know I was laughing at myself. I trained dogs for 10 years and I am fearless with them but you give me a goose or a horse and I will just totally cave. No idea what the issue is so I can’t explain lol.  I am not much of a fowl enthusiastic so please forgive me for not knowing the names of the birds below.


This happy couple is actually not in the lagoon, they are in a flooded part of the park that they have turned into their mini lake.


This is the pair of lovely Canadian geese that felt I was far to close to them. In my defense I was a good 50 feet away and not making eye contact, they even attacked a lone goose. I think they were just the grumps of the bunch.


Ok the watermark really kills the photo (sorry) but next to the “P” in photography is a loon and you can see his wake coming from the side I thought it was interesting since it came from one bird.


This goose was heading towards a very smart mom and toddler. The mom really was the smart one, she brought her toddle to come feed the ducks so she could photography them close. I had the thought to feed them, but quickly dismissed the idea because I didn’t want to get yelled at for feeding the ducks as I am an adult and should know better *rolls eyes* Next time I am just going to borrow someone’s child 🙂


Thanks to the mom and toddler we had a very nice gathering of birds including this mutant seagull. This thing is huge, I kid you not it was like a foot and a half tall. Could have replaced the Christmas goose for dinner.


It was a very chill day but yet at the same time still warm and beautiful. I ended my swan hunting adventure swanless but it was still a great day. Enjoy!

Sunday crayon art

So I saw this floating around Pinterest and I just HAD to try it. So Friday after work I zipped over to Michael’s (love this store!) and I had definitley picked a good day to go because I had a 30% off entire purchase coupon and a 50% off one item coupon and EVERYTHING I needed was on sale! Can we say this was meant to be or what?! I am rather impatient so instead of using a hairdryer to melt the crayons I got a heat gun/embossing gun! It gets up to 680 degress! I laugh at myself cause I feel like a guy who just got some awesome auto tool when I was trying to explain how awesome this will work to my husband who just chuckled at me… /sigh

I used an 11×16 canvas, two boxes of 64 count crayola crayons, hot glue gun, mini glue sticks, three kitchen trash bags, a folding chair and the heat gun. The longest part of the process was picking the colors I wanted to use and then gluing the crayons on the canvas. My glue gun skills need some work but in the end they are on the canvas. I think I spent in total from start to finish about an hour. I read one post it took them over an hour to just melt the crayons… As I said I am not a patient woman so the heat gun in my opinion is totally worth getting.

First week of April

Everyone keeps telling me spring is here and all this stuff, however I wake up this morning walk out my front door and what do I see? SNOW! All day it snowed, until about 4pm Alaska time did it decide to get sunny and nice out. I am not complaining because I get off work at 5pm and going out to nice weather is much better then snow/rain.

In this first week of April that I felt like it would never end and by week I mean work week. I had plenty of time to think about some goals photography wise that I want to set for myself. I have tried many times and failed at the 365 day and 52 week photography projects so I figured I would come up with some kind of “bucket list” for photography. I actually recently watched the Bucket List, which at minimum gave me the idea for the name of my list lol! Good movie by the by, definitely is good for some laughs and perspective.

The one thing that I like about this “bucket list”  of sorts is that I can’t add to it and take away! First few ideas for the bucket list are :

1. Bear (black or grizzly)

2. Porcupine

3. Linx

4. some sort of water animal (can’t figure out if I want to try for a whale, sea lion or otter)

Luckily for me I live in a state that has all of the above referenced critters. Like I said this is just a few ideas I have. I will create a page this weekend that is dedicated to this bucket list, post and cross things off or add to the list as need arises. As far as photographing bears I know it is dangerous but I have just come to terms with the fact that EVERYTHING in Alaska can kill you…. even the shrimp…

I hope to start crossing things off my bucket list starting in May as that is when the roads will be safer, camping will be better and the animals will be out of hibernation! Well off to go melt me some crayons!! (post to follow the mess :))


Whoo! I have had the greatest of pleasures photographing my hair stylist Kim’s youngest child Garrett today; Kim has been blessed with three gorgeous children and Garrett is no exception from his sisters! In the seven years I have been going to her I have always told her how jealous I am on how beautiful her kids are.

We had SO much fun and the weather in Alaska was perfect! 30 degrees and sunny! It was almost too sunny. When we were shooting outside Garrett and I were both squinting. I think some of the most fun was when we were scouting out areas on the trail we were on. If we deviated from the trail we sank up to our thighs in snow! I think I fell at least once and then just decided it was best to stay on the ground LOL!

Melissa J.

What a busy Saturday!!! My friend Tasha’s son had his 8th birthday party at one of the local high school pools and then my besty Melissa came over to help me work on posing with people! Give Melissa a little blog love!

Bored on a Sunday

Well it is March 18, 2012 and my husband was drilling this weekend so I was left to my own devices all weekend! 🙂 Today I decided to practice a few new techniques I have learned from some workshops that I have been watching, sadly my friend Melissa who was going to be my model was still battling a horrible cold. So I chose the next best thing.. My dogs! I have decided that even though they are motivated to help mom they are way to over eager!  Which for posing purposes isn’t very helpful. I apologize for the watermark placement!   

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